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Providing a forum for Mac users of all levels to share knowledge and experience with one another.

General Meetings

LAST Wednesday 6:30 P.M.
all Guests Welcome
Oceana Clubhouse Auditorium
550 Vista Bella, Oceanside,

Meeting Schedule

6:30 — 7:00 Q & A
7:00 — 7:15 Announcements
7:15 — 7:30 Break
7:30 — 8;15 Program
8:15 — 8:30 Prize Drawing


Advantages of an iPad

An in-depth look at the advantages of owning an iPad and also a hands on look at the many ways that little flat object can make your life easier. We will also take a look at what new IPads are coming out.


  • iTunes Gift Card
  • 6-Port USB Charging Station with Simultaneous iSmart Charging
  • Apple Logo Items
  • More info soon...

October Program: iPhone Update

Mini - Recent Software Updates

BASIC Special Interest Group

The Basic SIG is OMUG's major effort to help members who have basic questions that need more give and take than can be achieved in our regular meeting "question and answer" sessions. Contrary to popular perception, workshop leaders are not experts at everything, therefore, it is very helpful if participants send their questions and requests in advance to give the leaders an opportunity to research questions. Email your topics & questions to We have between 15-20 in attendance. $2 Donation. Visitors are welcome.

President’s Corner

We have learned so during the last few months is full.
If sometimes you, like I feel things are sometimes over your head, don”t worry, we all are there sometimes. The good news is that some of the information sticks, and just when you need it, there it is. Or at least you know who to email to ask that special question.
This month we will be having a hands on iPad session, so don’t forget to bring yours if you have one. If you still living without one I know someone will share theirs.

New Website Feature

New Reviews Page has been added to the Members Only Section: This month’s review is on Macphun Focus 2 app for Photography

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  1. Go to the website
  2. click on the Member link at the top of the page
  3. login to your member account.

IOS Special Interest Group

IOS special interest group is focused on the use of iPods, iPhones, iPads, TVs, Laptops and of course Apps. Elizabeth hosts this SIG in her home, the first or second Saturday of each month. Refreshments are provided. Participants bring their enthusiasm, questions and answers. Contact:
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Board of Directors

Bill Colburn
Fred Cutler
Elizabeth DeBoer
Carol Finkas
Charles Finn
Derek Gloster
Duane Stevens
Lynne Williams

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